Marble Inlay Trays

Marble Inlay Serving Tray which is made from Hard Makrana Marble stone and using semi-precious stones in Inlay work comes in attractive multi-colour Stones Inlay Floral Art Can be used in Hotel, Home, and Restaurant & Bar or can be used as Gift, Home Decorative Gift. This travertine is heavy and thick, has beautiful colouring, and makes a fantastic addition to anyone’s home. Great for bars, or serving, also great for vanities or decoration. White marble inlaid tray is one of the best example made by Indian craftsmen. Marble tray can be used for serving anything like tea, coffee, cola or beer to your guests or it can also be used as a decorative piece. If you gift it to someone special, you will get lots of blessings. Also, if you put inlaid marble tray over a bulb and switch off entire light sources, the image of inlaid design reflects on the walls or roof of the room since this marble is translucent in nature.

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